Innovation in workplace safety, health, environment and quality

Everything begins and ends with Safety

Onsite Rental Group (Onsite) remains steadfast in its commitment to Excellence in Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ) performance, referred to as Destination Zero.

Many of our operations present potential SHEQ risks. Recognizing these risks is inherent in our business, and we believe the best way to meet our commitment is through a capable, committed workforce, and practices designed to enable safe and environmentally responsible operations. We accomplish this through clearly defined practices, and with a rigorously applied SHEQ Management System.

The SHEQ Management System is a cornerstone of our commitment to managing SHEQ risk and achieving excellence in performance. Since the inception of a SHEQ Management System, our SHEQ performance has improved substantially.

All parts of Onsite Rental Group are required to maintain the system and practices needed to conform to the expectations described in the SHEQ Management System. To drive continuous improvement, the SHEQ Management System is periodically updated.

The assessment of SHEQ effectiveness and is intended to:
 i.     reinforce our belief that all SHEQ harm is preventable; and
ii.     to promote and maintain a work environment in which each of us accepts personal responsibility for our own safety and that of our colleagues, and in which everyone actively takes accountability for ensuring SHEQ standards are met.
iii. Demonstrated management leadership and commitment to the system is essential and will encourage and promote a mature, robust SHEQ culture.

We believe these measures will help drive Onsite closer to our vision of Destination Zero.

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