Onsite Employees Partake in HRIA’s 2019 Women in Hire Mentorship Program


Align. Connect. Grow. 

That is the motto of Women in Hire, the Hire and Rental Industry Association’s (HRIA) new mentorship initiative.

Aimed at providing women in the industry with support and opportunities for personal and professional development, Women in Hire was launched at HRIA’S national convention in May 2018.

Now in its second year, the program will continue to help women develop their leadership skills, build confidence, and pursue a successful career in the male dominated hire and rental industry.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had the benefit of some great mentors over my career”, James Oxenham, CEO OF HRIA, said in a statement welcoming participants to the 2019 Women In Hire program. “I look forward to seeing this program grow, to the point when those who were mentored are ready to assist others in the industry and become the mentors themselves.”

Onsite is proud to have 9 of its employees participate in this year’s program; 3 mentors and 6 mentees. 

Starting in July and running over an 11-month period, the program comprises a series of workshops that cater to all stages of a successful mentoring relationship. Initial workshops will focus on building rapport and establishing trust between parties, with an emphasis on open and honest communication, and active listening.

Throughout the program mentors will help mentees set challenging but achievable goals using the SMART framework, in which every goal must be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-framed.

Goals will be refined and achieved along the mentoring journey, during which mentees will receive candid and constructive feedback from their mentors. Mentors and mentees are carefully matched to ensure that both parties gain the most from the mentoring experience.

“HRIA ran a profile discovery session and paired participants based on their personality profiles”, said Onsite Human Resources General Manager, Deborah Inglis. “My mentee and I are polar opposites and this coaching opportunity should be both interesting and challenging.”

Formal and informal networking opportunities are created within the Women in Hire Program to enable all participants to form and grow lasting industry relationships.

The final stage of the program will involve wrapping up the formal mentoring relationship, with mentees and mentors encouraged to share their experiences and highlights. Participants will be issued with certificates of completion when the program concludes in May 2020.

Women in Hire aligns with Onsite’s ongoing commitment to a working environment that empowers women and enables professional development of staff.

“We are pleased as a company to participate in this great initiative that provides development opportunities for women at Onsite and within our Industry,” said Inglis. “I look forward to providing regular updates on how our mentees are progressing through the program.”


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