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Since the drilling of the first offshore well in 1965, to the modern coal seam gas boom, Australia’s Oil & Gas industry has created and sustained a globally respected, innovative technology, services and manufacturing sector, built around the large number of oil and gas projects already exporting and about to be commissioned.

Australia has a robust and diversified oil and gas services industry, which has grown substantially in line with the development of these projects, particularly projects off the coasts of Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Onsite Rental Group recognises the significance of the Oil & Gas sector. We work in partnership with our customers, utilising smart technology (CONNECT™ Customer Portal) and innovation (ONTRAK™ – GPS Equipment Tracking & Reporting) to deliver Total Rental Management to our varied Oil & Gas customer base across Australia. Our equipment specialists have a proven track record of delivering significant cost savings to customers through honest collaboration and identification of rental and power efficiencies.

We strive to deliver the best rental service to our customers. We believe in transparent rental arrangements and honest discussions around equipment utilisation. Onsite have a proven industry track record we are proud of and are a SHEQ leader. Call us today on 13 40 40 to find out how we can assist you.

Your specialist rental equipment

Here are a few of the standard items we supply – you can find a complete list of all our products in the Equipment and Service Section.

We believe in equipment rental transparency. Our CONNECT™ Total Rental Management platform provides up-to-date account, invoice and hire equipment information – empowering you to actively manage your account online.
Speak to your product specialist today on 13 40 40 to find out more and take back control of your equipment rental portfolio.


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We have built our business on understanding our customers current, and future requirements. We only invest in branch locations where we can add value to our customers, but if you require a dedicated branch location for a large scale project we have an innovative solution. Our ‘branch in a box’ method enables us to be nimble and ‘pop-up’ as and where we are needed, reducing overheads, but still providing high quality, essential services exactly wherever you operate.

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