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We understand that Turnarounds or Shutdowns are an essential part of an industrial organisation’s lifecycle. Regular maintenance ensures the reliability and performance of energy refineries, mining operations and other industrial focused facilities. However, despite the evident need for these types of works, any disruption to production – planned or unplanned – can be high risk, costly and complicated to oversee.

Shutdowns require substantial advanced planning to minimise impact to production levels, whilst maximising the maintenance work achievable in the allotted timeframe. At Onsite we believe that partnering with our customers at the planning stage is critical to overcoming these challenges and delivering safe shutdowns, on-time, on-budget.

Over the last three decades we have found that collaborating with our customers at the maintenance execution stage is the most important factor to ensure the right equipment, is delivered on-time, mitigating the lost time risks associated with these types of works.

Our commitment to Safety through our Destination Zero initiative ensures our customers know we are committed to maintaining exacting safety standards, alleviating some of the uncertainty that naturally comes with any halt in production.

When we have this opportunity to connect with our customers early in the planning stages, we can help to shape the delivery of successful shutdowns and ensure smooth transitions back into production once work is complete.

Why choose Onsite?
– High quality , low age rental equipment fleet
– Step-by-step asset utilisation report
– Dedicated account management support
– Access to your own dedicate CONNECT™ customer portal
– Asset guidance through planning adjustment phases
– 24/7 maintenance & support network

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