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Delivering Total Rental Management solutions across major Industrial projects

We work closely with the majority of Australia’s leading industrial organisations. Our Total Rental Management systems offer equipment transparency and enable our customers to pro-actively manage their accounts online. Our CONNECT™ customer portal offers instant access to your accounts, invoices and on/off-hire requests.

Do you have a large site with extensive mobile plant and machinery?

Then our ONTRAK™ GPS equipment tracking system could save you time and money. ONTRAK™ forms part of our Total Rental Management (TRM) digital suite. ONTRAK™ is available through your Onsite CONNECT™ portal making your rental experience even easier. ONTRAK™ utilises industry leading GPS location technology to monitor and track your Onsite rental assets movement and general utilisation across your project site for each 24-hour period. The data is streamed live to a custom site map enabling you to pin-point exactly where the asset is.

ONTRAK™ is your proactive fleet management tool, allowing you to stay ahead of your underutilised equipment and optimising your rental equipment expenditure.
Not only will you have access to the raw, live data through ONTRAK™, but a dedicated Onsite expert will provide you with tailored reports to optimise your rental spend. These reports will include tailored recommendations on areas including:

  • New Hires: List of all upcoming on-hire equipment within a customisable date frame.
  • Upcoming Off-Hires: List of upcoming off-hire equipment within a customisable date frame.
  • Equipment Utilisation Report Overview: Full overview of Onsite rental equipment utilisation within a customisable date frame, including;
  • Over-utilisation: Data to fit your equipment rental contract terms;
  • Under-utilisation: Identification of Onsite equipment not being used based on your estimated usage requirements and contract terms.
  • Asset Map Overview: Highlighting equipment usage and recommendations.
  • Fuel Consumption: Additional Onsite fuel monitors can be installed for a nominal fee.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: List of equipment due for maintenance and servicing.

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QNP Shutdown

Your ONTRAK™ GPS Equipment platform is a proprietary asset tracking software system that is ideal for multiple applications. ONTRAK™ delivers accountability and real-time reporting on asset utilisation both on construction projects and during industrial outages.

Industrial & Civil projects involve multiple on-site equipment requirements from multiple companies, multiple contractors and employees, either in one location or in some cases over multiple sites on a single contract. This careful management, full documentation to meet health and safety requirements and financial management can all be realised through ONTRAK™ and Branch-In-A-Box.

ONTRAK™ combines multiple databases into one unique PC based register for quick and easy searches, and access to key information about certification.

Branch-In-A-Box has been deployed on a number of sites. Check out how Branch-In-A-Box and ONTRAK™ cut equipment costs by 96% for QNP’s Ammonia Nitrate plant in Central Queensland.

Your rental equipment

Here are a few of the standard items we supply – you can find a complete list of all our products in the Equipment Section.

We believe in equipment rental transparency. Our CONNECT™ Total Rental Management platform provides up-to-date account, invoice and hire equipment information – empowering you to actively manage your account online.
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