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Water and work sites don’t mix, which is why we carry a wide and varied pump fleet across Australia. Our ground water management solutions range from small capacity ‘puddle’ drainage through to high volume water transfer units. We also carry a range of specialised pumps for a wide range of applications. So whatever fluid, liquid or sludge you need to manage, we have the solution for you.

Do you need some advice? Our Onsite product specialist will assist you to create tailored rental solutions for any application. Our rental fleet includes:

Submersible Pump Units Solutions:
– Pump Submersible Units: 25mm – 200mm Electric, single and three phase
– Pump Submersible Flexdrive: 28mm – 80mm including Chemical Resistant Units

Pump & Drainage Unit Solutions:
– Pump Transfer Unit: 25mm Electric
– Pump Transfer Unit: 40mm Petrol
– Pump Transfer Unit: 75mm Diesel
– Pump Transfer Units: 100mm Diesel, including: Trailer Mounted, Skid Mounted and Standard
– Pump Transfer Unit: 65mm Centrifugal
– Pump Transfer Unit: 75mm Diaphragm Petrol
– Pump Air Diaphragm: 25mm, 50mm & 75mm
– Pump High-Head Units from 100mm-200mm
– Pump Vacuum Prime High Head Unit: 150mm – Trailer Mounted
– Pump Compressor Prime High Head Unit: 75mm – Skid Mounted – Diesel
– Pump Centrifugal Trash Units: 38mm – 74mm, Petrol & Diesel
– Pump Compressor Prime Units: 100mm & 150mm – Skid Mounted – Diesel
– Pump Solids Units: 100mm – 200mm – Diesel

Pump High-Volume Drainage Units:
– Pump Self Priming Units: 100mm & 150mm – Trailer Mounted – Diesel
– Pump Self Priming Units: 150mm – Well Point – Diesel
– Pump Self Priming Units: 200mm – Diesel
– Pump Self Priming General Purpose Units: 100mm & 150mm – Diesel, including Basic Build & BMA

Trailer Mounted Pump Units:
– Fire Fighting units include: 800ltr, 1,000ltr & mobile units

Our strategically placed national branch network ensures we can fulfil your rental plant and machinery requirements wherever your next project is located.

We have an extensive range of Pump equipment, supported by a specialist 24/7 servicing and maintenance task force – call us on 13 40 40 to speak to your local branch about how we can assist with your Pump equipment rental requirements.

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At Onsite we are here to provide solutions specific to your needs. Our product experts are not limited to individual manufacturers – enabling us to advise and deliver the equipment which suits your requirements. Our mantra – ‘our knowledge, your choice’. Call our specialists today on 13 40 40 for immediate assistance with fulfilling your equipment requirements. If you are not sure what equipment is best suited to your site arrangement, or if you are looking to solve a unique problem we may have just the solution you are looking for. Our 13 40 40 number will connect you to your closest, local branch.

For general enquiries, please use the form below – one of our product specialist will contact you to discuss your enquiry.

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We have built our business on understanding our customers current, and future requirements. We only invest in branch locations where we can add value to our customers, but if you require a dedicated branch location for a large scale project we have an innovative solution. Our ‘branch in a box’ method enables us to be nimble and ‘pop-up’ as and where we are needed, reducing overheads, but still providing high quality, essential services exactly wherever you operate.

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