ONTOOL™ & Branch-in-a-Box™



Onsite were engaged to deliver significant cost saving opportunities for QNP during their Ammonium Nitrate Plant planned outage in Central Queensland. During previous shutdowns equipment went missing and costs were not proactively controlled or reported on during the planned maintenance period. We proposed to combine our ONTOOL™ Shutdown Tool Management system with a dedicated Branch-in-a-Box™ compound. Our belief was that this approach would dramatically improve equipment utilisation and accountability efficiencies during their planned outage.


We delivered a unique turnkey solution – the ONTOOL™ Shutdown Tool Management system supported by a Branch-in-a-Box™ (BIAB™). We dispatched a full service BIAB™ complete with Onsite personnel to provide proactive, traceable equipment management for their planned outage. Each piece of equipment is uniquely barcoded and each staff member is allocated a personal ID tag. When a piece of equipment is required, the ID tag is scanned along with each piece of equipment. This is then electronically saved against that persons details. Once the job is complete, the equipment is re-scanned into the BIAB™ by the Onsite team and electronically ‘ticked-off’ the persons account as returned. Any breakages or maintenance issues are recorded and actioned in the same way – at any time QNP could see a list of active equipment. Once the project was completed a full report was issued to QNP for review.


During this shutdown we were able to reduce QNPs overall lost equipment costs by a staggering 96% compared to their previous shutdown.


CONTRACT WIN: Onsite secures Gold Fields contract in WA

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Manuwarra Red Dog Highway

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Iron Triangle Expansion - New Whyalla Branch

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