QGC – Optimisation of pumps


Cost control is a project imperative for Queensland Company QGC. After experiencing performance problems, with their existing pump configuration, QGC invited Onsite Rental Group to develop the most efficient pumping set up.

Onsite’s pump specialists worked collaboratively with OEM Pioneer Pumps and the engineering team at QGC to identify the optimal pump configuration. A third party hire company supplied the original sixteen pumps but those pumps were inadequate for the job.

The result was that Onsite supplied 9 custom built pumps that more effectively met flow & head pressure requirements of the job.

The smarter pump configuration resulted in annual savings of $1.5million for QGC. Additionally the new pumps met strict noise requirements. The audit proved the benefit of Onsite’s specialist advice as compared to hiring general off-the-shelf equipment without consideration of its application.


Manuwarra Red Dog Highway

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Iron Triangle Expansion - New Whyalla Branch

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Finucane Island Shutdown

Onsite has a long-standing legacy of providing specialist rental equipment and shutdown tooling to many of Australia’s Major Mining organisations. Most recently Onsite delivered a wide range of equipment to a major Ore producer on Finucane Island as part of their Shut- Line 7 programme. Along with mining specification fleet, Onsite provided: Boom liftsGeneratorsWeldersForkliftsScissor liftsCompressorsTrailersLighting...Read More