5 Reasons why you need GPS Tracking


Do you know what your equipment is up to? Here are 5 Key reasons why GPS Tracking is for you:

1. Reduced Overheads: Utilisation data helps you manage operation costs including fuel usage and under-utilised assets.
2. Improved Performance: GPS tracking enables real-time decision making plus enhanced accountability. GPS data provides valuable insight into fleet usage trends.
3. Reduced Maintenance Downtime: GPS tracking enables you to monitor asset utilisation and pro-actively plan around upcoming equipment maintenance downtimes.
4. Prevent Unauthorised Use: Unauthorised / after-hours use of equipment can be identified and controlled using irrefutable real-time data.
5. Increased Employee Safety: You can access important data about driver behaviour, daily-usage and vehicle location. In case of an accident GPS data can be used to aid emergency services.

At Onsite we are committed to making our rental partnership transparent and efficient. We have heavily invested in ONTRAK™ which delivers cutting-edge GPS tracking, asset utilisation and operational usage reporting solutions. The data is streamed live to a custom site map enabling you to track your Onsite rental assets across your project site 24/7. Please call 13 40 40 to find out more.


CONTRACT WIN: Onsite secures Gold Fields contract in WA

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